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Gourmet Sampler Pack

Shop our barrel aged traditional balsamic vinegars. Produced in Modena, Italy. Enjoy our citrus and herb infused olive oils. Taste our pairings too.

Gourmet Sampler Pack
Price: $90.00
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Can’t decide what to get? Choose our Gourmet Sampler Pack – 6 – 3 oz bottles. It is a great way to experience a collection of our great tastes and gourmet-blends-gourmet-sampler-pack-olive-oils-balsamicpairings of balsamic vinegar and infused olive oil. Perfect for expanding your repertoire of balsamic vinegar and infused olive oil recipes. It’s also the best gift EVER! Choose 6 delicious flavors of our original balsamic vinegar and olive oil, your choice, to enjoy more and start saving now! Remember, FREE SHIPPING for any order over $99 dollars!!